Our years of experience in developing tobacco, ensures a refined and authentic smoking experience with all of our variations of pipe tobacco. Our blending masters create various sorts of pipe tobacco including different flavours e.g. menthol, cherry or vanilla. Our main brands in pipe tobacco, ERNEST and LeBaron are constantly expanding in countries they have been introduced.

GRE is expanding rapidly its presence all over the world and is continuously looking for reliable and serious partners to grow with us. We welcome distributors in the tobacco industry to contact us and tell us how we can make profitable business globally.

Ernest Pipe Tobacco


Great blend, perfect cut, Pipe Tobacco at its finest.
Since 1918 the Pipe Tobacco brand ERNEST has been popular among
international Pipe smokers. ERNEST Pipe Tobacco is made for smokers who prefer to enjoy a tasteful pipe tobacco rather than other tobacco products.

Ernest Pipe Tobacco

Le Baron - the passion of smoking

 Le Baron is our popular Pipe Tobacco blend. Its classic taste and design make Le Baron easy for customers to associate with and smoke the brand.
A perfect cut finalizes the smoking experience which is available in both, pouches and tins.

Le Baron is a matter of lifestyle. Here is where tradition meets enjoyment.