Made from Tobacco and passion!

Through the success of our well known and high quality key brands, G.R.E. has achieved its well known status as a competent partner and manufacturer of premium tobacco products on the international market. Over the last ten years our key brands Mark Adams No.1, Couture, MOHAWK Classics and MOHAWK Origins have achieved a strong position throughout Europe.

We support our key brands via our partners to become even more popular around the world. We have developed an innovative and diverse brand portfolio to answer our consumer‘s needs. Overall, our key brands have gained success wherever they have been introduced in Europe – and beyond.

G.R.E. - Your Global Tobacco Partner

Countries where our products are currently distributed:

Andorra • Austria • Bahamas • Belgium • Belize • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Canada • Costa Rica • Czech Republic • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Gibraltar • Guatemala • Hungary • Honduras • Iceland • Italy • Latvia • Luxembourg • Macau (China) • Mexico • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • Sweden • Switzerland • Serbia • Slovenia • Spain • U.S.A. 

GRE is expanding rapidly its presence all over the world and is continuously looking for reliable and serious partners to grow with us. We welcome distributors in the tobacco industry to contact us and tell us how we can make profitable business globally.

Mark Adams No. 1

This longstanding traditional brand is available throughout Europe. Top quality tobacco combined with an aggressive retail selling price has been proved to be a major success factor everywhere where Mark Adams No.1 has been introduced. The growth of Mark Adams No.1 tobacco brand is foreseen to continue since more and more retailers and smokers are noticing the benefits that this low price high quality product has to offer.

MOHAWK Classics

Since launched in the European market in 2004, MOHAWK Classic tobacco products are guarantors for success and reinvented the category “Value for Money“ for the benefit of our consumers and sellers. Among G.R.E. products it means: always fair pricing and an attractive margin for the retailers.


MOHAWK Origins

MOHAWK Origins is our additive free tobacco brand for the consumer that appreciates only pure tobacco taste with no artificial flavours. 

Our MOHAWK Origins products are “100% Additive Free Tobacco”. MOHAWK Origins are getting more and more popular among the alternative group of consumers.


Couture Slims

Our “taylor-made” and prime slim cigarette product is becoming more and more popular among the female audience in Europe. Couture Slims are elegant, sophisticated in their taste and promise smoking pleasure at all strengths. Couture Slims are now available in three different SKUs.

Additional International GRE Brands

Like our key brands, our additional brands are also getting more popular worldwide. They are available in various countries and are sure to please.


More than 800 years tobacco culture

Back Drawing on a more than 800 years old tobacco culture of Native American ancestors, the company Grand River Enterprises (G.R.E.) was founded by 7 Native Americans from the "Six Nations" -Reserve in 1992.

For almost 25 years, we affirm at G.R.E. a high priority as a manufacturer of premium tobacco products and combine two worlds almost perfectly: