Grand River Enterprises (Deutschland) GmbH

Kenneth Hill / Owner & Managing Director

100 % Native - 100% Made in EUROPE

In 1992, on the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario/Canada, Grand River Enterprises was established by 7 Native Americans. Their idea was to use the more than 800 year old tobacco culture and tradition of their ancestors to make quality tobacco products at affordable prices.

This endeavor turned out very quickly to be a wide ranging success not only in Canada but throughout North America. The next logical step was to bring their tobacco expertise to the old continent of Europe, such as the original North American explorers did in the 16th and 17th century introducing tobacco to their countries of Europe.

Building and growing

With the passion for tobacco products and the ability to motivate human resources G.R.E. became a trusted partner throughout the industry, after its establishment as Grand River Enterprises (Deutschland) GmbH. 

In 2006, in the heart of Europe an ultra modern factory was built, employing almost 300 people in the city of Brandenburg/ Kloster Lehnin, Germany. (Approx. 70km west of the city of Berlin) 

In 2014, two new production facilities have come online. Sant Julià de Lòria/ Andorra and one in Orsago/ Italy. Since opening the new facilities, the range of our products have broadened. Our new range includes today cigars and cigarillos.  G.R.E. has grown into a position to be able to produce all kinds of blends and flavours for our own and “Private-Label“ brands in various types of tobacco products.

Together with our in-house quality control & testing management, our graphic
department and the highly modern machinery, we are able to fulfill any kinds of market requirements for our various partners worldwide.

Based on native principals G.R.E. has become one of the most successful tobacco
product suppliers in Europe and one of the world’s most successful companies fully in the possession of North American Native Indians.

We attribute this success on one of the native principals and that is:

“Success for everyone can only come from working together with respect”

At this point, we would like to thank all G.R.E. employees, our loyal consumers and, of course, the always engaged wholesale and retail trade for the great success.

We look forward to a long-lasting cooperation with you!