The Classics

Our MOHAWK Classic line is divided in cigarette and in Other Tobacco Products (OTP). We have successfully grown the SKU’s of MOHAWK products so that they are available in many different formats, such as Volume Tobacco, Roll Your Own Tobacco and Make Your Own. This, plus a range of different blends (Virginia Blend, American Blend, Halfzware, Zware, Blanding # 5) make the products easy to pass on to the consumer and the customers in turn are rewarded with the option to choose their format and taste.

GRE is expanding rapidly its presence all over the world and is continuously looking for reliable and serious partners to grow with us. We welcome distributors in the tobacco industry to contact us and tell us how we can make profitable business globally.

cigarette types & sizes:

This American Blend Cigarette is available as: Classic Red, Classic Blue and Green (Menthol) as King Size  with 20 pcs. or Big Box with 25 pcs.
Classic Red and Classic Blue Blue are also available as 100´s.


make your own (MYO) & roll your own (RYO) tobacco:

Our Mohawk tobaccos you can find as American Shag, Halfzware, Zware, Virginia Blend and Blanding #5 as pouches filled with 30 g - 50 g of tobacco; Mohawk Original Virginia Blend, Dark Indian Blend and MOHAWK Volume Tobacco comes in tins with a filling of 50 g - 250 g. 

Additional to our RYO and MYO tobacco, we offer Mohawk Filtertubes with 250 pieces.

size content type Tar / Nicotine / Carb. Monox.
King Size
20 pcs. Classic Red 10 / 0,8 / 10
Classic Blue 7 / 0,6 / 8
Classic Green 10 / 0,8 / 10
Big Box
23-25 pcs. Classic Red 10 / 0,8 / 10
Classic Blue 7 / 0,6 / 8
Classic Green 10 / 0,8 / 10
20 pcs. Classic Red 10 / 0,8 / 10
Classic Blue 7 / 0,6 / 8
30 g - 50 g Classic Shag
Virginia Blend
Blanding #5
50 g - 250 g Original Blend
Dark Blend
Cigarette Tobacco


MOHAWK Quality Filtertubes:

  •  250 pcs.
  • King Size 

MOHAWK cigarette tamping machine

  • perfect in combination with the MOHAWK tobacco &Filtertubes