Service by G.R.E.

Since 2006 we produce in our factory in Germany (Brandenburg / Kloster Lehnin) various tobacco products for the European market by an even faster supply to our customers in Europe.

We are in a position to produce various blends and flavors for our customers. Our quality testing management and our highly modern machinery including Primary, enables us to fulfill all customer requirements from one location.

"Private Labeling", blending, graphic design, printing, packaging and logistics & the delivery of goods are only a small part of what we can do for you. Our customers include well-known companies from all over Europe, for which we produce in our factory private label brands.

Today we are one of the most successful private label suppliers in Germany and Europe. We take pride in finding a home in this community. With you as a strong partner we can develop new brands or make your brand even stronger in the market.

Some products we can produce in our German factory:

  • King Size Regular format
  • King Size Big Box format
  • 100's format
  • Slim Cigarettes Straight Fit Pack
  • Fine Cut Tobacco Pouches
  • with various grammage
  • Fine Cut Tobacco Tins
  • with various size & grammage
  • Filtertubes 200 p.
  • Filtertubes 250 p.

Because of the production of private-label brands for well known companies in Germany and Europe, Grand River Enterprises (Germany) GmbH fortifies its high rating on the international and national market as a competent partner and manufacturer of premium tobacco products.

In our modern plant in Brandenburg / Kloster Lehnin (OT Rietz) you will find all necessary facilities and equipment of highest standard for the production of your own brand. An in-house quality control, our own graphics department and our highly skilled employees, allow all the services that are required to review with you an existing brand or create a new brand.

GRE is expanding rapidly its presence all over the world and is continuously looking for reliable and serious partners to grow with us. We welcome distributors in the tobacco industry to contact us and tell us how we can make profitable business globally.

G.R.E. accessories for smokers

In the area of smoking accessories with our cigarette tamping machines, filter sleeves and rolling papers we can offer from a wide array of high quality products for your customers.

Our rolling papers are available as type A with 20,5gsm-90CU or type B in the variants 18gsm-20Cu and 14gsm-5CU. GSM describes the paper thickness "grams per square meter".

Filter sleeves and cigarette tamping machines are available in different versions and pack sizes. Please turn to our friendly G.R.E. sales representatives or simply ask your preferred distributors.

Inhouse Marketing Support

Our marketing department plays a vital role in promoting our business and helping yours. For years we have had our own in-house graphic and marketing team that helps our partners to develop and increase the awareness of our brands. Our mission is to improve the awareness of products and give our partners an advantage in the industry. In the fast moving markets of tobacco products, with its price changes, legal changes happening almost daily, the flexibility of our graphic team has played a significant role in making G.R.E. become one of the fastest growing global companies in the tobacco sector. Thanks to our partners and successful key brands strategies, G.R.E. has become a truly worldwide tobacco company. The aim for everyone is to deliver organizational agility, efficiency and productivity in the markets where we operate.

We are designing and producing all types of materials to our partners to strengthen their sales in their own languages:


• Posters • Visualizations • Printed materials • Leaflets • Any kind of advertisement materials • Promotional items  • 3D images • Other possible designs, prints and materials and many more...


Merchandising products by G.R.E.

We have a wide range of branded merchandise products of our top brands! Our merchandising products have been a popular choice for building our brand recognition for so many years. At the point-of-sale this form of our eye-catching advertising yields a better return on investment for the shop owners. Together with our In House marketing support team you can adapt existing merchandise products to all various markets with all the legal requirements in your countries or equal develop some new ones. Ask for your possibilities!

More than 800 years tobacco culture

Back Drawing on a more than 800 years old tobacco culture of Native American ancestors, the company Grand River Enterprises (G.R.E.) was founded by 7 Native Americans from the "Six Nations" -Reserve in 1992.

For almost 25 years, we affirm at G.R.E. a high priority as a manufacturer of premium tobacco products and combine two worlds almost perfectly:

"Native American tobacco expertise combined with modern production methods"